Professionalism is first pillar of Business World 10x. We strive to provide the very best to our valuable clients, taking on only professionals who meet our exalted standards. 10x is proud of our team of qualified and highly skilled experts, whose performances speak to their intellect, coordination, enthusiasm and innovation.

Our accountants have strong educational backgrounds from a variety of industries: FMCG, Healthcare, Software, Retail, etc. Our screening process is finely tuned to meet customer demand; we always make sure to have the right person for your job.

We Offer:

  • Bookkeeping and Accounting Services in USA
  • Tax Services in USA (Consultation and Filing)
  • Finance-related services in USA
  • Setting Up New Accounts


Business World 10x emphasizes compliance with all policies duly agreed upon with the client.

The client’s decisions are the guiding principle in the choices we make and the strategic patterns we follow.


Business World 10x aims for nothing less than total precision.

Our team operates with authenticity and clarity to assure that major and minor errors are eliminated.


Trust is the fourth pillar upon which every Business World 10x relationship is based.

We value each of our clients, and everything about what we do is designed to maintain customer faith and with long-term partnership in mind.

Join Our Sales Network

Want to be a Business World 10X agency owner? Partner with us!

We provide initial 30% commission structure with 10% monthly residuals. Every client you produce remains your client; you will continue getting paid on that account as long as they are receiving accounting services from Business World 10X This is a great opportunity for experienced sales reps or individual tax preparers with an existing client base who want to expand their service. We can also assist anyone who wants to enter this dynamic field. Companies are facing tough times; the ability to offer over 60% on their tax service is a highly appealing motivator to use our service.

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